Kalpana Jani Palmist Numerologist

About me: I am very excited and overjoyed to present before you a fresh bouquet of my experiences with a variety of fragrances!

Mrs. Kalpana Jani – Numero Palmist

The Reflection of Destiny

Can you guess who wins the race? Destiny or Efforts?

Destiny is designed and Work is Worship!

Read this book and conclude…

Precious things are rare in life and one such eye opening book which talks about the magical strength of this wonderful Science of Palmistry, can be yours today!

Read it, enjoy it and you will love it!!

Amazing real life stories book

There is a very interesting story behind the birth of this book which I would like to share with all of you.

With every client came a new story and a new angle of looking at life. Each and every new day added a new colour to the rainbow of my experience. The accuracy of my predictions would sometimes amaze me since I am the one who says this all the time, “Palmistry is a science which can go from seventy to a hundred percent accurate.” This pleasure I would sometimes share with my daughter who loved listening to my stories on our late night strolls. It was indeed a great quality time that we spent as mother and daughter.

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