Format: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN: 9788122311877
Code: 9556E
Pages: 207
Price: Rs.300/-
Published: 2016
Publisher: Self Published
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From the Author’s Desk :

There is a very interesting story behind the birth of this book which I would like to share with all of you.

With every client came a new story and a new angle of looking at life. Each and every new day added a new colour to the rainbow of my experience. The accuracy of my predictions would sometimes amaze me since I am the one who says this all the time, “Palmistry is a science which can go from seventy to a hundred percent accurate.” This pleasure I would sometimes share with my daughter who loved listening to my stories on our late night strolls. It was indeed a great quality time that we spent as mother and daughter.

Ever since I have consulted and guided tens of thousands of people from different walks of life not only in India but all around the world. Studying their palms and learning their problems, sufferings and solutions landed me with a whirlwind of thoughts which disturbed me a lot. It also inspired me to present something exquisite to the world. My mind was clouded with various thoughts waiting to materialise but in vain. I desperately wanted to share my experience but I could not find the right channel which disturbed me immensely.

On 21st of June 1998, after finishing my heavy consulting schedule at 10:45 p.m. I was too tired. I still remember it was drizzling outside and the cool climate attracted me to go for a stroll. I was all alone. All the streets were empty and there was an amazing peace in the surroundings. Even the street dogs were fast asleep. The sweet fragrance of mud touched my mind. But as I came out to walk, again the Volcano of thoughts started to burn me. How can I share my client’s joy of success and satisfaction with the world? I was very sure I wanted to present something amazing, but ideas evaded me as to how I can share this treasure of my experience with the world!!

All of a sudden with a thunder in the sky a spark enlightened my mind. My dear readers, believe me, within fifteen minutes of stroll the birth of my ‘Golden Dream’ took shape, which I earnestly put forward to you.