Niyatiche Pratibamb

Format: Paperback
Language: Marathi
ISBN: 978-93-5254-923-8
Price: Rs.250/-
Published: 11th June 2011.
Available At:

  • Available in Nashik Crossword(city center Mall)
  • Grand Book Bazar (Shalimar)
  • National Book Center: College Road, Nashik
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From the Author’s Desk :

The desire of the local clients to read their respected World renowned Numero-Palmist Mrs. Kalpana Jani’s much awaited book Reflection of Destiny, in their native language – Marathi, has led to the publication of Niyatiche Pratibamb.

Niyatiche Pratibamb is the Marathi Version of Reflection of Destiny, which is the collection of real life experience of Mrs. Kalpana Jani that she had in her years of practising Palmistry and Numerology.