In 2003 14 was passing through the worst period of life regarding financial setback and tensions and was totally thinking and planning to end up my life. My wife suggested your name. After coming to u I myself and my family have survived. Whatever the time and opportunities you have predicted have come true point to point. You are excellent in your studies.May God bless u with full of energy and long life’

- 8/10/14


I Girish Jhurani am super thankful to you for guiding me in my life,i tried hard to solve my married life problems,did not know when i was going in my life,your prediction were true and gave me vision and i am out of my problems. your prediction and blessing has given me new life. the ring you have given had done miracles to me. thank you, thank you, thank you.


I on behalf of the club wish to express my sincere thanks to you for having spared your valuable time sharing your thoughts with all of us.
Our fellow Rotarians have thoroughly enjoyed your talk. Looking forward to listen to you in future also, on some mutually convenient occasions.

S.N. KULKARNI – Chartered Accountant

My U.S.A Trip of 1986 & the recent Trip of Scandinavian countries i.e. Norway, Sweden & Denmark of 1993 were correctly predicted by Mrs. Kalpana Jani.


It was fascinating to read the experiences described in the book ….by Mrs.Jani. I had ordered an e-book and the moment I finished it, immediately I booked appointment with madam for life prediction. I request everyone to read the book at least once to know the science of palmistry and numerology, how it makes wonders!!


In this book, the world class Numero-palmist, Bharat Ratna Awarded has guided people who have risen above fear & failure from Destiny! MUST READ … I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for my son’s career episode, which truly heart was touching.


I Harison David read your book reflection of Destiny 9First Edition), found it very interesting, not once I had a feeling of leaving the story incomplete. Interesting to read that you, not only guided your clients by your science of palmistry, but comforted them with quite confidence at times of anxiety, relaxed their turbulent mind, made them feel comfortable, discarded their fear , and above all you kept a regular follow up with them and even prayed for them. I am going to share this book with my close friends who really respect this ancient science.
Thanking you once again.
May God bless you with a very very long life, so that many will be benefited.


Recently I was looking for some inspirational books at a book store. There was your book, “Niyatiche Pratibimb”. I bought it and I’m reading it nowadays. Your Experience with your clients & their experience with you are very good. Everyone who meets you personally knows how positive and calm person you are. In Every topic of your book,you mentioned a secret hopeful & positive thought.
I am personally glad that you written this book and made available for public. That’s the reason I was eager to meet you and now on 1st sept . 2015 I am very happy about my experience. You are true Legend in Palmistry Knowledge. I am very satisfied and