About Jani Kalpana

My father, my guru and my mentor Late Prof. Ghanshyam Joshi, was a world renowned Palmist who set his foot and heart into the dream city of Bombay at a very early age. He was a pioneer in his field and achieved a lot of fame and success due to his dedication to Palmistry. God was very kind to put me Mrs. Kalpana Girish Jani into this wonderful family as the second child and the only daughter who was very much loved by everyone including my parents and my two brothers.

My father took me under his wings at the tender age of twelve and introduced me to his world of Numerology and Palmistry which had fascinated me from an even earlier age of eight. I will always be thankful to God and my father for bestowing upon me this wonderful opportunity.

I have been practicing Palmistry since 2nd Feb 1979 and have been well recognized and honored with prestigious titles of ‘Samudrik Tilak’ and ‘Jyotish Bhushan’. I have had the opportunity to meet and guide people from different walks of life from all around the world. I have been invited to give lectures on Palmistry by Rotary, Jaycees and many such reputed clubs. Also, I have been invited by my clients to foreign countries for genuine guidance in palmistry. I have practiced my profession in America, European countries, Dubai and Africa. My husband’s support and my children’s love keep me going.

I feel that God has blessed me with this talent so that I can be a medium through which I can help all my clients overcome their problems. My client’s success and happiness is my satisfaction and achievement in life!